Meet The Team

Our Caregivers At Eastridge:
Well Beyond Ordinary
At Eastridge, our caregivers are more than just expert medical professionals who deliver skilled healthcare at every touchpoint. They are the backbone of our care community, leading with their hearts and catering to our residents’ every request and every need.
Whether it’s cooking a local dish or dancing with a resident, our caregivers bring their unique personalities to the Eastridge community, offering residents an all-around charming experience.

Our caregivers take the time to learn meaningful details about each resident, creating a true one-on-one bonding experience. We truly understand what makes our residents light up, helping relationships with residents blossom into true friendships. Whether it’s giving words of encouragement, playing a rousing game of bingo, or reading pages aloud from their favorite novel, we go to great lengths to keep our residents smiling. This philosophy of personalized care makes it easier and more enjoyable for our residents to reach the goals they set for themselves.

Our Team

Todd Cole


Todd Cole



With an entrepreneurial spirit and a strong management background, Todd Cole spends his time putting systems in place to make the transition to long-term care for residents and family an easy one. He has launched three new signature programs that have been adopted by other communities, including: My Pleasure Committee, The Welcoming Committee, and Choose Yes.


Residents and staff alike are drawn to Todd’s novel ways of thinking and friendly nature. Putting the residents first is his motto; when he’s not volunteering to take a pie in the face on National Pie Day, he’s enjoying a beer with residents or taking them on a fishing trip.


In addition to having nearly 13 years of experience in long-term care, Todd is the Chancellor for the Knights of Columbus and has led several successful business ventures



Director of Nursing


Rachel Gates


Rachel Gates

Community Outreach/Admissions Coordinator


Rachel Gates has a knack and passion for making a difference in our residents’ lives. Rachel brings a positive energy to Eastridge and expresses her love for this industry daily. She makes residents feel special by offering them a care experience where the magic is found in the small details.


Each gesture of thanks or appreciation that Rachel receives means just as much to her as the very first compliment she was paid by a resident.


With six years of long-term care experience and counting, Rachel continues to exceed expectations. Her strong background in customer service makes her a great addition to our team. Rachel is on the Board of Directors for the Vermillion Chamber of Commerce and serves as its Vice President of Marketing. Rachel has also contributed to philanthropic efforts for the Make A Wish Foundation.

Lori Leblanc
Assistant Director of Nursing
Latisha Viltz
CNA Supervisor
Ashley Fontenot
Dawn Broussard
MDS Coordinator
Tori Bourque
MDS Coordinator
Debra Marceaux
Billing/Collections Coordinator
Ann Baudoin
Life Enrichment Director
Andrea Sellers
Social Services Director
Leanna Acosta
Resident Case Manager
Angela Daigle
Housekeeping Supervisor
Kristal Abshire
Dietary Supervisor
Kimmy Abshire
QA Nurse / Staff Developer
Raejean Simon
Team Member Specialist
Jean Chris Peltier
Maintenance Supervisor