Signature Programs

Robust Activities For The Young At Heart
Keeping the body and mind engaged is just as important to staying healthy as your annual physical. Simply because you no longer live at home shouldn’t mean you have to stop enjoying the exciting activities you’re passionate about – or learning new ones.
Our signature programs at Eastridge are engaging, innovative, and reflect the Cajun spirit found in local art festivals and authentic cuisine. They are never about filling time, but tapping into residents’ passions through robust activities, such as trips to cultural museums, aromatherapy treatments, and live music concerts on site by Cajun musicians. Coffee get-togethers and outdoor barbeques, rooted in southern traditions, are also a regular part of our repertoire. Our programs offer diverse experiences for the young at heart, encouraging a higher quality of life and motivating residents to socialize within the Eastridge community.

Person-Centered Care Model

Eastridge's caregivers are specially trained to develop relationships through personalized care that help get to the heart of the matter. Our philosophy puts the resident first by getting to know them in a way that's authentic and meaningful.

It's Never 2 Late

It’s Never 2 Late for seniors to connect with the world around them through the national program, iN2L. The innovative system uses adaptive hardware and engaging content to support communication, memory care, therapy sessions, wellness, and a higher quality of life.

Music & Memory

Music soothes the soul, is therapeutic for the mind, and supports memory function. Eastridge’s nationally recognized program, Music and Memory, offers a personalized music system using custom playlists to enhance residents’ quality of life, and improve their memory and well-being.

Making A Difference

Making A Difference gives residents at Eastridge the chance to pay it forward by hand-making small gifts of appreciation every month for our dedicated caregivers. The gifts, no matter how small, are always thoughtful and custom-made, encouraging positivity, creativity and leadership among residents who participate.

Novel Excursions

With Novel Excursions at Eastridge, residents and their family members enjoy new experiences from a wide variety of off-site activities, ranging from fishing on the Gulf to outings at fun, local restaurants. Whether it’s a new passion or an old one, our excursions provide residents with both exhilarating and relaxing options to choose from.

Cajun Fest

At our Eastridge community, Cajun Fest serenades residents with live Cajun music by local musicians. Since a robust Cajun culture is evident in everything we do, this is one of our most popular programs and beloved by all residents. The soulful melodies bring an uplifting energy into the atmosphere, creating feel-good vibes that are contagious to all.

Senior Socials

Our Senior Socials offer a variety of lighthearted, fun activities designed just for seniors, like Thirsty Thursdays to encourage liquid consumption or Bingo to promote community engagement. The socials provide valuable quality time to help strengthen community bonds through moments of laughter and connection.

Knights Of The Round Table

Knights of the Round Table offers male residents the chance to hang out and connect over a shared group activity or craft, like woodworking or a day-time fishing trip. This unique program encourages social engagement, community participation, friendship, and just plain fun.

Salon & Spa

At Eastridge, residents have the opportunity to pamper themselves with luxurious Salon & Spa amenities found right here in the community. We offer Aromatherapy Spa Days for the ultimate relaxation experience and a full-service Beauty Salon for all your hair and manicure needs. With our Salon and Spa, it’s easy for residents to feel uplifted and renewed.

Tech Connect

Bringing stimulating life experiences and adventurous activities to our residents is why we created Tech Connect. Through the wonders of technology and power of creativity, connecting with others has never been so easy or so much fun.