Making A Difference

Residents Are Paying It Forward
It only takes one dedicated person to enact positive change in the world. Can you imagine what a group of people with a like-minded mission can do?
At Eastridge, our signature Making A Difference (MAD) program is a small group of passionate residents who make small gifts of appreciation once a month for the Eastridge caregivers. Anyone is invited to join in the creative, feel-good fun.

From simple, thoughtful gestures like passing out cans of Mountain Dew with the message, “Thanks for all you DEW,” to gifting custom cupcakes for staff birthdays, the MAD group is intent on spreading positivity, encouragement, and appreciation throughout the Eastridge community.


The residents in MAD continuously gather together and share ideas on how to make a difference in the lives of our caregivers. And they’re always coming up with unique ideas on how to make our staff members light up. MAD promotes creativity, leadership and socialization among residents, along with a sense of belonging in the Eastridge community. While residents are the ones doing the gifting, they receive the true reward when our caregivers start beaming from ear to ear.