Senior Socials

Creating Opportunities For Friendships To Blossom
By helping to build bonds within the Eastridge community through fun socials designed for seniors, relationships form and blossom into true friendships.
Eastridge’s signature Senior Socials program offers interactive, fun weekly and monthly group activities to encourage social engagement, laughter and community bonds. While we’re always adding new and unique activities, a few of our most popular socials include Bingo and Thirsty Thursdays.


Who doesn’t love to sip “mocktails” while catching up on the latest gossip? Thirsty Thursdays are held once a month and encourage residents to drink more liquids for increased hydration. Residents come together to catch up and enjoy an iced or hot beverage, depending on the season.


During the holidays, residents look forward to the festive drinks our staff has planned, like homemade apple cider, egg nog, or hot peppermint tea.


Thirsty Thursdays provide consistent opportunities for residents within the community to interact and spend time together while also increasing their liquid consumption. Bonds are formed and cherished friendships blossom.


There’s not many problems that a good game of Bingo can’t fix. At Eastridge, Bingo is a fan-favorite among our residents. We regularly hold two different types of Bingo: Everyone Wins and Pay-to-Play. This way, everyone has a chance to join in the fun.


Everyone Wins Bingo
Just as it sounds, everyone wins real coins during this Bingo game. The best part of all is that residents play for free. Everyone Wins Bingo is held twice a week.


Pay-to-Play Bingo
Residents can pay a small fee in coins for a Bingo card and one lucky resident wins the pot. Pay-to-Play Bingo is only held on weekends.